Teaching Program Himalaya

Teaching Program Himalaya

Applying for the program to teach children in the Himalaya is a good decision I ever made to spend my gap holidays before I get into my ‘Teach for India’ fellowship for 2018. Personally, the experience with children here everyday gives me great insight about the kids world. I am learning how to mingle with them, how to make them listen me, how to make them grab ideas and how I can get ideas from them. There are lot of things to learn and unlearn as well. And needless to say about the nature-living here, am already in love with this place. The people especially the co-ordinators Naveen and Sameer, and Sameer sir’s wife are really amazing and help you make your stay an awesome experience. I would highly recommend this program for all those interested in having progressive experience about education in this region and also the travelers for nice exploration of Himalayan culture as well.

Jeorge, Denmark

The Himalayan Cultural Exchange Opportunities has given me the greatest experiences I have had in all of my journeys through Asia. I was given an opportunity to teach classrooms of rural children while living with a local family. I enjoyed complete immersion within the local community. The project coordinators were not only gracious and professional; they made sure that I had exposure to many of the elements of village life, including weddings, feasts, and the spiritual life of the area.

Divya, India

My name is Jessica; I’m from the UK and am now 27 years old. Last year I volunteered in Himalaya Teaching Program in Barkot region, India, which is run by the capable Naveen and support by VWI. It’s a grassroots organization and this allows you to get a true idea of what village life is like in India – I taught in a school and spent my evenings walking in the beautiful hills around the village, or playing cards with local families. I also ate my meals with a local family and attended a couple of local festivals as well as a wedding. I definitely recommend this program to future participants.

Jessica, U.K

It was my first time getting involved in a volunteer project and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I was nervous about volunteering, thinking there was potential for money making schemes but this is a genuine project where you do genuine work that mainly benefits the local Children. You will be welcomed with open arms from the local community which makes your time at the project filled with love and joy. Overall, amazing experience and would do it all over again!

Jon Weidenbum, USA