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Start Dates

Start Dates 2019

Sunday 6Sunday 6Sunday 3Sunday 3Sunday 7Sunday 5Sunday 2Sunday 7Sunday 4Sunday 1Sunday 6Sunday 3
Sunday 6Sunday 13Sunday 10Sunday 10Sunday 14Sunday 12Sunday 9Sunday 14Sunday 11Sunday 8Sunday 13Sunday 10
Sunday 6Sunday 20Sunday 17Sunday 17Sunday 21Sunday 19Sunday 16Sunday 21Sunday 18Sunday 15Sunday 20Sunday 17
Sunday 6Sunday 27Sunday 24Sunday 24
Sunday 28Sunday 26Sunday 23Sunday 28Sunday 25Sunday 22Sunday 27Sunday 24
Sunday 6Sunday 31Sunday 30Sunday 29

Start Dates 2020

Sunday 5Sunday 2Sunday 1Sunday 5Sunday 3Sunday 7Sunday 5Sunday 2Sunday 6Sunday 4Sunday 1Sunday 6
Sunday 12 Sunday 9Sunday 8Sunday 12Sunday 10Sunday 14Sunday 12Sunday 9Sunday 13Sunday 11Sunday 8Sunday 13
Sunday 19Sunday 16Sunday 15Sunday 19Sunday 17Sunday 21Sunday 19Sunday 16Sunday 20Sunday 18Sunday 15Sunday 20
Sunday 26Sunday 23Sunday 22
Sunday 26Sunday 24
Sunday 28Sunday 26Sunday 23
Sunday 27Sunday 25Sunday 22
Sunday 27
Sunday 29Sunday 31Sunday30Sunday29

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