Work With Elephants
Elephant Conservation Program There are many programs and initiatives carried out to help elephants thrive in a good environment.People who love animals always have a very soft spot in their heart for them. They look after them wherever they see an animal, whether if it’s their own or not, they take good care of them. There is one animal in part ...


Street Children Program
Volunteer Street Children India The Organization is running a center for the Street children in India which are found on the streets, traffic signals, railway stations and Bus Stands. We have a team of local volunteers which always in search of the children which are kidnapped by the criminal gangs in India.Following is our picture gallery. [mas ...


Women Empowerment
Women Empowerment Program Women Empowerment in India is still a distant dream. India is becoming economically and technologically strong day by day but women in India are still far away from true emancipation. It’s an old saying that goes like this: you can tell the condition of the nation by looking at the status of women. [masterslider id="6 ...


Children Volunteer Work India
Community Volunteer Work India Children in the project came here from the kidnapping gangs, some were left by their parents on railway stations, bus stations so they have a very sad past story. We need volunteers for this project because having volunteers with them at all time makes them happy and they feel that they have somebody taking care of t ...


Orphanage Volunteer
Orphanage Volunteer The Children placed in Orphanage really need love & care, just like our children. Every child needs love, kindness, attention and care. When the little human beings are born, they should be surrounded by loving people. But unfortunately, life dictates its harsh laws, and many children do not have anyone close who would care ...


Theater Volunteer Program
Do you like helping amateur children & young people in acting, drama and play movie roles in theater? Then you are in right place. VWI offers you to take part in the Theater Volunteering in Pink city. The aim of this project is for our volunteers to offer support in the theater program. This program was created to offer guidance and organize th ...


Teaching Children in Rural Areas
Teaching Volunteer Work  Education is necessary for every child in order for society and communities to develop. Recently the Indian Government instated a law making it necessary for every child to get an education, but many children leave school so there is a need for assistance in the schools located in rural and remote areas. We don’t need o ...


Teaching English Volunteer Program - Himalaya
Volunteer in Himalaya, India [masterslider id="24"] [TABS_R id=2263]

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