About us

Who We Are ?

Volunteering With India is an Organization which is registered by goverment of Rajasthan, India. Along with our Social work we also offers combination of volunteering projects and action-packed adventure travel in a fun, safe, educational, and well-organized environment. Our main goal is to offer support for underprivileged women, orphanages, child care, work in rural areas, health programs for sick, dying & disabled people; we also work with theater workshops & offer elephant care.

We have a strong team of coordinators who run successful and effective volunteering programs. We work directly with local schools, people that live in rural areas, and orphanages. We make sure that each of our volunteering programs meets the high standard as expected and deserved by our volunteers. Safety is high on our priority list and we always make sure that you feel safe in all our placements.

Volunteering With India has as its founders a group of friends. With the help of our team members and volunteers like you we support local NGO’s in their work for the development of community; we taught children in rural areas how to use the computers, and even their teachers, because part of them they did not know how to do it; other programs we took part in involved working with Street children, Orphanage Volunteer and the Women empowerment movement. We also involved in a program that offered theater education to school children and we were amazed in seeing the kids do so well in the drama we put in play. The Organization also working with animal care centers in Jaipur and started running an awareness program about animals. All this work led to our desire to build an organization that can handle all this problems. It is also an Peace Corp alternative for Volunteering India

Currently the organization is running successful volunteering programs in the city of Jaipur and in the rural areas that surround it. Our work is about helping children stay in school and give them a better education, and develop their talents, about helping women become more independent and be aware about their rights, about raising awareness about animal rights. We hope our work will help develop a more powerful, educated and aware society.

We welcome every person that wants to help us continue our work in the Indian society. Every help is needed and we hold great respect for every individual that wants to work in a volunteering program. The satisfaction that a person has in working for the benefit of humanity is the greatest one can hold.

Volunteer in India Mission

Our Mission is to create a worldwide network of volunteers that can help children in rural areas, the women empowerment movement in India, children that live in orphanages, the sick and disabled; we also maintain a Theater Workshop and have a program that offers support and Care for Elephants. Our Aim will be to remove poverty and illiteracy from the country Volunteer in India with us! We invite you to become a life time member of VWI for free after you finish your volunteer work with us. We hope that you share your experiences with friends and family, and you encourage them to join the adventure of a life time Volunteering in India.