Medical Volunteer Program

Medical Volunteer Program


I had a wonderful time in the medical program in Jaipur. We could assist to the medical checkup of youngsters from other states who were found working in factories and now are temporarily living, learning and playing at the NGO center. After that we went to the street for medical checkups inside an equiped ambulance. It was a great experience and I will definetly recommend others to join the program.

Teresa, Portugal
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Mobile medicine is a nice idea for local people who are in need or who live in some rural areas. During the experience of medical project here, I had chance to understand the local medical conditions and problems in India. I could discuss those problems with local workers, and tried to find a better ways of volunteering. I could participate in the process of medical consultation, preparing and giving medicine. We also checked the physical conditions of children in the village once a week. I have also learned some local language to make a better interaction with local people. I really learned a lot by the observation and enjoyed these days! We also had similar program in my hometown, and I will bring my experience back to make a better medical service 😊
I was so proud of myself at the first time that I finished the all process of preparing medicine and giving them to the patients by their language.

Tzu huan, Singapore

The medical program with Volunteering with India is an incredible adventure on a bus-ambulance in which volunteers help the medical and pharmacist staff of the TAABAR ngo in assisting rural areas of Jaipur that otherwise would not have access to treatment.
After a strong cultural impact due to diversity in the approach with the patient, inadeguate medical devices and a huge language barrier I found a wonderful team that taught me to recognize the associations of Indian drugs, the most common diseases in India and to deliver medicines to patients.
So, even without ‘standard’ medical acts, I felt part of the team and it just made me feel like I was doing something.
Definitely I would do this experience a million times again.

Isabella, Italy
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