Frequently Asked Questions

Questions Volunteering India

Q:1 Who volunteers?

The volunteers can be from all over the world. There is no any age limit to join the volunteer program. Participants main characteristic is the willingness to help. Our volunteers give their time and money to conserve and protect the environment, uplift and build positive communities, teach children, and promote health, education, and ecological awareness in India.

Q:2 Who will I be helping?

You will help our organization and the local community, who really need your help. Your assistance will benefit the local communities; we can give them many things by helping; the people and the community aided by our projects will positively benefit from your work.

Q:3 Why should I pay to volunteer?

We do not have any financial support or funding of any kind, so volunteers have to fund their projects themselves. The money volunteers pay, allow us to provide them with all the support and services. Volunteers will work in places where they are really needed. Also our partners are non-profits organizations doing meaningful, much-needed work in their local communities in India; in addition, the amount of volunteer fees are used as a donation to these organizations to keep the projects running.

Q:4 What do they use the donations for?

The donations are used for the facilities which the communities need. The donations go to help schools that are in needed, and to other materials that the community requires, like computers, study materials, clothe, play materials, and food. The community people and staff are also supported by this donation.

Q:5 What about the rest of my fees?

Part of your fee is also used for 24 hours facility of staff assistance. The fee is also used to provide you with good service and assistance. VWI will help you at location with your work, set up accommodations and help you with your travel. VWI purpose is to help you reach your goals as a volunteer in the local community with the helpless people.



Q:1 Who can work with VWI?

Anyone from all over the world can apply the program.

Q:2 Where will I live while I’m volunteering?

We will provide accommodation in the city of Jaipur. Volunteers can live with a host family or in volunteer housing, or camps.
We also offers participants to live in Hotel accommodation if they not feel comfortable to stay in family house our camps.

Q:3 Do I need to be able to speak a foreign language in order to join the program?

In India, people know English, so there is no problem with communication if you know this language. Knowledge of other foreign language is not requirement for our project area.

Q:5 What would happen if I decided not to stay for the entire duration of the program?

Once you arrive here in the program and joined us we will not able to refund any program fee under any circumstances as we need to make all payments in advance. However if you cancel the program before joining we may refund you as per program terms policy.

Q:6 How long do projects last?

Our project duration last from 1 week up to 4months. You can choose how long you want to stay.

Q:7 When should I apply?

You can book/apply for the program in maximum to 1 year in advance and min 1 month to give us notice to join.
If you are already in India or not in your home country and wants to join on immediate basis you can also join us by email us at

Q:8 What is the application process?

You can enroll yourself in VWI project by register online, emailing or calling us, afterwords we will provide you with assistance in the process of application.

Q:9 May I go to more than one project location?

Yes. You can visit our other projects by asking the permission from the local VWI staff member during your work time.

Q:10 How should I pay for my project?

Volunteers have to pay us USD $250 in advance to book their seats. Once your seat is booked you can make the payment of remaining amount before 30 days of project starting date. We accept late application too. We are flexible if you get late by informing us 30 days before you can simply contact us and we will open your seats if we have seats. Write us at for late applications to

Q:11 Can I get college credit for volunteering?

You can get credit for VWI volunteer projects. For this contact your university/ school for credit information. VWI will provide any documentation requested by your university/ school.

Q:12 Why should i need to make my own arrangements if i am not happy by accommodation and meals ?

The accomodation and meal provide by the host family are basic non-vegetarian. They do their best to provide you good meals and room. The reason to provide accomodation in Indian host family to get to know how Indian middle class family members live. The meals will be served same as the one which host family members eat. So if you are not happy by their services you need to make your own extra arrangements. We can’t pressure them to be with you like the hotel services.

Q:13 Why should I choose VWI?

Ans: VWI is committed to finding the best projects in India and provide you with a rich volunteering experience that you have never had. VWI will help you in all project areas in India and also give you the assistance you need in order to make your stay pleasant.

VWI program fees include the following:

Accommodation VWI arranges accommodation facilities at selected local host families.
Transportation – VWI arranges Airport, Railway & Bus Stand Pick up from Jaipur. VWI will provide transportation to project sites too.
Project Training VWI projects don’t require previous experience in any area.
Meals – Meals are prepared by host families, and VWI also prepares if possible.
Activities – Many types of recreational activities are included in the program, like playing football, cricket and others.
In-Country Support – When you will come to Jaipur, you will become a family member of VWI. VWI people will fully support and assist you in India during the program.
Insurance -Volunteers have to arrange their own travel and medical insurance.
Volunteer Advisors – VWI coordinators are always ready to answer your questions, also we will provide you with some documents related to our programs.

Q:14 How Safe is India?

India is a very safe country. Indians are very friendly with foreigners, and treat them with respect. Many people will greet you throughout India with the phrase “Namaste” (hello); the most commonly spoken local language is Hindi.

Q:15 Will I need a visa, or will a passport be sufficient?

India has its own visa policies, and these policies vary according to the nationality of the visitor. For most countries you can get a tourist visa with little or no problem. You can apply with Tourist Visa and join our programs. There is a On Arrival Visa Facility also available at the Airports in India which you can get it for 30 days. We recommend checking online, or contact with the nearest Indian consulate for more information.

Q:16 How can I get a visa?

All volunteers are advised to contact the Indian High Commission in their country and apply for visa before travelling to India. If you decide to stay longer in India, you can extend your visa after you arrive. Getting Indian Tourist Visa is very easy nowadays for travellers. You can get is 48 hours. You can apply for the on arrival tourist visa which is valid up to 60 days. This is very fast and quick process. This is the link to apply the tourist visa :-

Q:17 What should I do about health and travel insurance?

VWI advices all volunteers to purchase their own health and travel insurance before the trip.

Q:18 Will I have an opportunity to get to know the location in which my project is based and see the surrounding areas?

Yes. Although you are committed to specific volunteer schedules, but when you have free time you can explore and get to know the local attractions and culture. You can visit many places.

Q:19 Can I arrive before the start date of the project?

Yes, but you have to make arrangements on your own, if you ask us to book we will help you in this regard

Q:20 What if your flight arriving in Delhi Airport? How should you go to Jaipur by bus or train?

Many times volunteers booked their flights from their country to Delhi, India which makes them to look for Bus or train to reach Jaipur. Sometimes this option not goes good as once they arrived in Delhi, India they need to spend overnight at Delhi Airport or need to look for hotel to spend a night. Then next morning they need to go for to search the bus or trains. Trains are always full from Delhi to Jaipur which will not make you sure that you will get seats available and for bus they need to go to the Bikaner House, Delhi to catch the bus for Jaipur. The amount you paid for this process hotel expenses for 1 night stay + transportation + Bus/Train ticket will be around $70 to $100 USD. Also coming from Delhi to Jaipur by bus or train took 5-6 hours of journey. Coming to Jaipur by flight can make you to reach in 50 mins and you can buy the cheap tickets online in $30 to $60 USD. We strongly recommended you to come Jaipur by flight.